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Rajabhuvara was immensely delighted. Then the Narapati
Padusaha sent with the Senapati Bisalappa Nayaka valuable
dresses, a crest set with pearls, ear-rings, necklaces, and five
pairs of kotfal horses to Alii Yadula Saha who being greatly
pleased with (the honour done to him) received them in the
durbar. In return, he sent with Bisalappu elephants, horses,
jewels and dresses including jewelled turbans, and superior
shawls, and commanded one 01* his vakils to accompany him
to Vijayanagara.
Now the hezlls of the three Padusahas (who were at
Bijapur) informed their respective masters that Alii Yadula Saha
and Rajabhuvara, having joined together (in an alliance), were
uniting their territories. On the receipt of this information,
they sent to AllT Yadula Saha a snbedar of considerable
influence with the object of (dissuading him from joining
Eajabhuvara\ The Bidedar^ as soon as he reached (Bijapiir),
(repaired to the presence ot) All! Yadula Saha and expostulated
with him thus : " You are a Mussalraan sovereign ; it is not
advisable that you should join your kingdom with that of an
infidel Hindu. This course of action brings you neither greatness
T«or glory. Let the past bury the past. Now, at least, be well
advised and join the three Padusahas. If you four, joining
together, urite your territories, and fight the Hindu infidel
without carLtg for his favour, in such a manner as to conquer
Karnataka, you acquire glory. If you do not listen to us,
you will he ruined, and your country will be devastated.
When you become an exile, you lose your honour. You are
an intelligent (King) with considerable toresight. By joining
(the three Padusahas), you will become great 5 and the four
kingdoms Will acquire renowa ; and you will remain sale."*
When Alii Yadula Łaha heard this counsel, he reflected
(as follows):—
"Why should I accept their advice and break my
(plighted) word ? I must send the three Padusahas a reply
*   Tfc* original has 'nfana fa/fatt idh*'; fajSvtt probably is the Kanaa^a corruption
«5 »afetyF security, etc.